Tanja Zakelj

Tanja in the finish of Nové Město race

UCI World Cup XCO / XCE 3 Nove Mesto na Morave
28 May 2014

Excuse bad quality of the sound.
How was your race? Can you describe it and say what happened?
Yes here in Nove Mesto it is always a very spectacular race, and the course is very nice to ride and I enjoy biking… but the racing is very fast. The uphills are very hard and also the downhills are very demanding. I started pretty well but then I needed to slow down a bit, because I don’t feel in my top shape yet. On the second to last and the last lap I was going faster and faster, and got some more positions so I finished 11th which I think is alright. I am happy that I am improving still before our next race.
Do you find this race technical? Is it an easy race for you – technically?
It’s technically very hard – yeah. It’s a hard one – especially when of course a rider wants to go as fast as you can. Going slowly is very very nice – some parts…just to ride it… but you’ve got to go fast so for that you need some skills.
Does it help that you ride for a downhill team, and you train with the downhillers?
I think yes – sometimes it really helps to have friends from downhill… to give advice sometimes for me – so we do some trainings together…for cross country you need to be good in everything. You need to be fit, you need to go fast on up-hills but also down-hills are also a factor. You need to be as fast as possible.
What are your goals for this season?
For now, going from race to race as good as I can and try to improve a bit. Generally I would like some time in the future to get the rainbow jersey, because that one I don’t have yet from the elite category. This year I will have another opportunity…
Are you slowly preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio?
I know this race in Nove Mesto already counted for the points… but it’s still far away so I’m now for focused on world cups and European and world championships – the races of this season. Then we will have to think about Rio, but of course it is in my plan to be there.
OK thank you, and good luck for your season.
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