Marco Aurelio Fontana

Post race interview - Andorra

UCI World Cup XCO / XCE / DHI 4 - Vallnord
26 Jul 2013

How would you describe your race?
It was a smart race. I was always pretty calm, on the wheel, trying to save energy. I had a mechanical, had a flat tire. There was a guy in front of me, he just went down in a descent. So I had to close a gap in the descent, I opened the gas and I hit a stone or something. Actually was fast course not really technical, so you underestimate some sections and boom - explosion of the tire. And I had to walk up the steepest hill and lost a lot. Then I made it to 16th - 17th. It is a pity because today I felt I was on the podium.
Do you like this course? Was it too easy?
It was little bit too easy. But in high altitude it was good to have short race and not too rough because you could really feel the altitude.
This course was more natural. Do you like more natural courses or like in Bern where they build jumps etc?
I think when you have some jumps, when it is hand-made course they look better and are better to ride. For sure we all started on natural tracks but the proper track there is cooler.
Did you check World Cup for next year? You will have to travel a lot.
Well it is part of the job. I mean sometimes we stay a lot in Europe sometimes we move a lot. I just want to say that we should have more races. It is not about where you go it is about having more races. I think we deserve that. World cup should be at least 10 races.
What is your goal for World championships.
Well, go on the podium at least. For such an unlucky season we want to have something back.
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