Maja Włoszczowska

Post race interview - Andorra

UCI World Cup XCO / XCE / DHI 4 - Vallnord
26 Jul 2013

How was your race?
We could see. What happened in your race?
In the beginning I felt very well, comfortable...I was leading from the start and then I knew the girls will catch me anyway, so I just rode easy pace so I could save the energy for the rest of the race. But then on 3rd lap when Gunn-Rita pushed harder I just couldn't breath, maybe it's because of the high altitude. And later on it was getting worse and worse. I started to have cramps both on the dowhills and uphills so I couldn't push harder, even when I wanted even if I had the energy then I just couldn't. So I was happy to see the finish line, really. And that is a shame, because I thought it will be a good race for me.
Do you like the course?
Yes, it is ok. Maybe the downhills were not that difficult but with the speed ... and all the girls were riding very fast. With the high speed you could easily crash. And those two uphills on the gravel roads, they were so amazingly tough. The first one was not that steep in the beginning but then you were already tired and it was not ending and was getting more and more steep. And the second, the steeper one, was also very tough. There you were just looking at your front wheel and didn't want to look higher to the end of it. So yeah, it was hard course, especially with the altitude.
Do you like more the artificial obstacles? Like those jumps in Bern. Or more natural courses?
No, I like the natural stuff. I think the idea of mountain biking is to ride on what people normally ride in the forest. So I prefer the courses with natural things. Of course some jumps are nice. Maybe this one in Bern - it was fun - I think it was too dangerous for the race. When you are tired you don't control your bike that well and it is easy ... if you crash there you could damage yourself badly.
Do you feel like, after your crash last year, you are more careful in the technical sections?
It depends on the race. Sometimes I feel very comfortable and I go really fast but today I felt like I lose few meters on the downhills. But I still think that after such a terrible crash with all the consequences, because it was really tough half of the year getting my foot to work again. I think that after that I am still quite OK. Maybe I need more time to know how to jump and more practice. But it is OK.
You are in the new team for this year, what is the biggest change compared to your last team?
I love Giant! We have really great atmosphere with international riders. It is really cool because we support each other. Fabian for example came to my place to train. Then I was in Jolanda's place. We are getting each other to the front and the atmosphere is great. I also like very much the support of the main sponsor, Giant and Shimano as well. They really care about us and I feel that we are important for them. So I feel my results have bigger sense because it is bigger promotion for Giant. I also like that it is mixed team. My previous team was girls only. And I think where it is mixed team it is much nicer. We can train with the guys sometimes and for the atmosphere is also better. And we have also Oscar Saiz in the team. And it is really cool to practice with him, and to see the best lines in the race. He also gives us very smart advice for the race. I am happy with this.
What do you say about next year's world cup? You will have to travel all around the world.
Oh yeah! You know, you can see here that it is still Europe and it is still quite close, but there were not that many girls on the start line. And if you were on the start line in Albstadt or in Nove Mesto, there were much more girls. I don't know how many of us will be in Australia. It is just too expensive and I don't know how many riders can allow themselves to go there.
Will you go to all the world cup rounds next year?
It depends on the management of the team, but I think that we will go. But it needs to be planned very well. I really don't like the time zone changes, with Australia it is traumatic traveling. It is nice we can visit the whole world. But to stay in shape and have a good result it is not that good. And I like races with lot of spectators, like in Belgium, Germany or Czech republic. I don't know what are the main reasons for that.
What is your plan for South Africa, for the world championships there?
I won world cup last year there, so of course I would like to fight for victory there. I was world champion in 2010, I had flat tire in 2011 and still finished 2nd. And I couldn't race in 2012 because of my injury. So I hope this time luck will be on my side.
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