UCI World Cup XCO 6 / XCE 5 / DHI 5 - Hafjell

UCI World CupWorld Cup, 14 Sep 2013 - 15 Sep 2013
Hafjell, Norway Booking.com
Race class: CDM

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Eliminator (2013-09-12 17:50:00)
Men Elite (2013-09-14 13:50:00)
Women Elite (2013-09-14 11:20:00)

World Cup 6, Hafjell Norway

26 Sep 2013 – The final round of the World Cup circuit was held at Hafjell, Norway – a brand new track on the World Cup calendar and the location for next year's World Championships.  The course was rough and rocky, with some steep climbs and technical descents.  

There had only been one World Cup race held in Norway prior to this, and Norwegian Gunn Rita Dahle (now Dahle Flesjaa) was the women's race winner.  Now all eyes were on the Norwegian as she tried to replicate this feat some 17 years later.

The women's 6 lap … Full article

Men Elite results

1Kulhavý Jaroslav01:36:19Czech Republic
2Schurter Nino01:36:26Switzerland
3Fumic Manuel01:37:53Germany

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Women Elite results

1Kalentieva Irina01:25:34Russian Federation
2Lechner Eva01:25:54Italy
3Bresset Julie01:25:56France

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Men Under 23 results

1Sarrou Jordan01:15:40France
2Cooper Anton01:16:17New Zealand
3Van Der Heijden Michiel01:16:46Netherlands

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Women Under 23 results

1Waldis Andrea01:16:02Switzerland
2Indergand Linda01:16:49Switzerland
3Belomoyna Yana01:17:48Ukraine

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Men Junior results

1Carstensen Fini Sebastian01:15:26Denmark
2Vastl Jan01:16:13Czech Republic
3Augdal Eirik Sverdrup01:16:39Norway

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Women Junior results

1Degn Malene01:04:54Denmark
2Petrusauskaite Meda01:05:15Lithuania
3Wiedenroth Sofia01:06:00Germany

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