National champions

Nakada Jesus - Men Elite
Urbina Alexander - Men Under 23
Fernández Luddy - Women Under 23
Curo Edilio - Men Junior
Jacinto Noemi - Women Junior

National championships

Peru National Championships - XCO-DHI
11 Jul 2015, Lima, Peru
Men EliteNavarro Quispe Franco
Women EliteLee Jennifer
Men Under 23Neyra Sebastian
Men JuniorQuispe Richard
Peru National Championships
16 Jul 2016, Peru
Men EliteNakada Jesus
Men Under 23Urbina Alexander
Women Under 23Fernández Luddy
Men JuniorCuro Edilio
Women JuniorJacinto Noemi
Perù National Championships XCO - DHI
16 Sep 2017, Perù, Peru

List of riders


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