New Zealand

National champions

Cooper Anton - Men Elite
Sheppard Samara - Women Elite
Jones Cameron - Men Junior
Maxwell Samara - Women Junior

National championships

New Zealand MTB National Championships
28 Jan 2012, Nelson, New Zealand
Men ElitePeters Dirk
Women EliteHanlen Karen
Men JuniorCooper Anton
Women JuniorGray Mary
New Zealand MTB National Championships
16 Feb 2013, New Zealand
Men EliteCooper Anton
Women EliteHanlen Karen
Men JuniorGaze Samuel
Women JuniorJohnston Amber
New Zealand MTB National Championships
14 Feb 2014, Rotorua, New Zealand
Men EliteGaze Samuel
Women EliteFluker Kate
Men JuniorOliver Ben
Women JuniorBeaven Harriet

List of riders



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