National champions

Petersons Arnis - Men Elite
Jaunslaviete Katrina - Women Elite
Krasts Arturs - Men Junior

National championships

Latvian MTB National Championships
22 Jul 2012, Latvia
Men ElitePreimanis Matis
Women EliteArdave Lelde
Men JuniorNeilands Krists
Latvian National Championships - XCO-DHI-4X
21 Jul 2013, Baldone or Sigulda, Latvia
Men ElitePreimanis Matis
Women EliteRožlapa Dana
Men JuniorBlums Martins
Latvian MTB National Championships
19 Jul 2014, Latvia
Men ElitePreimanis Matis
Women EliteJaunslaviete Katrina
Men JuniorPersevics Davis
Women JuniorRutule Endija

List of riders



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