US Cup - The Boston Rebellion PRO XCT

Women Elite

29 Jul 2017, Walpole, MA, United States

US Cup, US Cup - The Boston Rebellion PRO XCT

Number of participants: 31

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Courtney Kate101:25:58 United States
Batty Emily201:27:10- 01:12 Canada
Grant Rose301:28:01- 02:03 United States
Rochette Maghalie401:29:15- 03:17 Canada
Anthony Crystal501:30:41- 04:43 United States
McConnell Rebecca601:31:37- 05:39 Australia
Sheppard Samara701:31:52- 05:54 New Zealand
Davison Lea801:32:29- 06:31 United States
Beisel Amy901:33:12- 07:14 United States
Severson Tina1001:33:53- 07:55 United States
Beaumont Rebecca1101:35:03- 09:05 Canada
Urban Kelsey1201:35:22- 09:24 United States
Tetreault Juliette1301:36:44- 10:46 Canada
Skarda Alexis1401:38:23- 12:25 United States
Barclay Victoria1501:38:39- 12:41 United States
Rojas Cubero Adriana Maria1601:38:54- 12:56 Costa Rica
Malik Jennifer1701:39:35- 13:37 United States
Blanchard Bryna1801:40:24- 14:26 United States
Quinlan Kimberley1901:41:41- 15:43 United States
Peterson Nikki2001:42:38- 16:40 United States
Dostie-Menard Sarah-Claudie2101:43:46- 17:48 Canada
Saenz Elizabeth22Lapped United States
Simard Amelie23Lapped Canada
Frey Fairlee24Lapped United States
Burdine Kayley25Lapped United States
Corvalan Bustos Pilar Andrea26Lapped Chile
Montgomery Kelli27Lapped United States
White Elizabeth28Lapped United States
Bauer Lindsey29Lapped United States
Dubé Jordan30Lapped United States
Faccone ErinDNFLapped United States
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