The Boston Rebellion PRO XCT

Women Elite

11 Jul 2015, Walpole, MA, United States

The Boston Rebellion PRO XCT

Number of participants: 10

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Anthony Crystal101:30:06 United States
Noble Ellen201:30:29- 00:23 United States
Chinburg Megan301:33:48- 03:42 United States
Rochette Maghalie401:34:38- 04:32 Canada
Potter Karen501:35:37- 05:31 United States
Blanchard Bryna601:35:54- 05:48 United States
Quinlan Kimberley701:37:50- 07:44 United States
Horstmeyer Amy801:46:36- 16:30 United States
Harkness Olivia901:58:19- 28:13 United States
Harnden Catherine10Lapped Canada
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