La rioja bike race by gaes

15 May 2015 - 17 May 2015
Logrono, Spain
Discipline: Stage race
Race class: S1

Men Elite results

1Coloma Nicolas Carlos08:44:32Spain
2Soto Catriel Andres08:48:33Argentina
3Valero David08:53:16Spain

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Women Elite results

1Galicia Cotrina Claudia10:27:37Spain
2Ramirez Bauxel Anna10:49:43Spain
3Bouhet Muriel11:09:39France

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First route details

The 2015 route will maintain the backbone of the past edition, improving several aspects to make even more attractive. The ‘Palacio de los Deportes de La Rioja’, in Logroño, will again be the place where the race will be based, offering Paddock space, bicycle and vehicle parking, physiotherapy service, start and finish, etc.

The first stage, with a distance of 60,8 kilometres and an elevation gain of 1.808 metres, will basically consist of a big climb and a long descent. It will leave Logroño along wide trails through wine yards, directly searching for the top of Moncalvillo, after having passed next to Daroca de Rioja, and from there taking an amazing, beautiful and never ridden downhill single track that crosses dense forests.

The second stage, the queen one, will cover 82,3 kilometres and will reach 2.280 metres of climbing. It will leave behind Logroño along the Iregua valley, reaching Viguera, where one of the most emblematic stretches of the race starts, the roman path. Moncalvillo will be climbed again but bringing in a single track stretch. From its top, a classic trail of the area, ‘Las Neveras', will be entirely descended, to then return rapidly to Logroño.

The final 67,7 kilometres of the competition will require climbing 2.025 metres. From the city hall of Logroño, Clavijo will be attacked differently to then continue climbing towards Luezas. Having reached the highest point, a new and entertaining downhill singletrack will be faced, joining several others, including the also well known ‘Bonita’ and ‘Dolmen’ trails. The route towards the finish line will follow a different way, before repeating the final stretch, identical in all three stages.

More than 210 kilometres and 6.100 metres of elevation gain, give shape to an awesome route. MTB with designation of origin!


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Women Elite
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