Glacier 360

11 Aug 2017 - 13 Aug 2017
Reykjavik, Iceland
Discipline: Marathon
Discipline: Stage race
Race class: N/A

Men Elite results

1Fiskvik Anders11:37:25Norway
1Fiskvik Eirik11:37:25Norway
2Maletz Christopher11:54:10Germany
2Schuchardt Michael11:54:10Germany
3Saw Gregory11:59:53Australia
3Rosa David11:59:53Portugal

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Women Elite results

1Ragnarsdottir Kolbrun Drofn16:50:09Iceland
1Pétursdóttir Anna Kristín16:50:09Iceland
2Bjornsdottir Agusta Edda18:54:46Iceland
2Júlíusdóttir Kristrún Lilja18:54:46Iceland

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Glacier 360 is a 290 km 2 person cross-country marathon stage race around Langjökull Glacier in Iceland. You start at Geysir geothermal area and finish off at Gullfoss waterfall. We race in three stages, one stage for each day of the race.

It all comes down to dealing with long distances in the rough but majestic Icelandic highlands. For this challenge you can expect anything and everything to happen, weather and conditions can vary from one minute to the other and unforeseen situations are a part of the challenge.

The terrain is diverse, you'll find it all, smooth and a bit rugged gravel roads, flowy and fun turns, a few steep climbs, easygoing dirt single tracks and rivers to cross (not on bridges but with support).


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