Alpentour trophy

11 Jun 2015 - 14 Jun 2015
Schladming, Austria
Discipline: Stage race
Race class: S1
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Men Elite results - General Classification

1Longo Tony09:14:41Italy
2Lakata Alban09:14:42Austria
3Paulissen Roel09:16:17Belgium

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Women Elite results - General Classification

1Bigham Sally11:05:26United Kingdom
2Fluker Kate11:22:45New Zealand
3Kollmann Christina11:29:23Austria

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Men Elite results - Stage 1

1Paez Leon Hector Leonardo02:50:32Colombia
2Longo Tony02:51:03Italy
3Paulissen Roel02:51:18Belgium

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Women Elite results - Stage 1

1Bigham Sally03:27:17United Kingdom
2Kollmann Christina03:30:26Austria
3Fluker Kate03:34:03New Zealand

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Men Elite results - Stage 2

1Paulissen Roel02:16:29Belgium
2Ilias Periklis02:16:31Greece
3Geismayr Daniel02:16:32Austria

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Women Elite results - Stage 2

1Bigham Sally02:40:38United Kingdom
2Kollmann Christina02:45:30Austria
3Fluker Kate02:47:14New Zealand

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Men Elite results - Stage 3

1Lakata Alban03:11:59Austria
2Pernsteiner Hermann03:12:20Austria
3Geismayr Daniel03:12:23Austria

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Women Elite results - Stage 3

1Bigham Sally03:50:14United Kingdom
2Fluker Kate03:53:36New Zealand
3Michiels Githa03:56:06Belgium

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Men Elite results - Stage 4

1Ferraro Damiano00:52:51Italy
2Longo Tony00:52:52Italy
3Lakata Alban00:53:17Austria

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Women Elite results - Stage 4

1Moreira Lacerda Isabella01:06:20Brazil
2Bigham Sally01:07:16United Kingdom
3Fluker Kate01:07:49New Zealand

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Alpentour Trophy 2015: a thrill until the end!

Stage 3

355 mountain bikers from 32 countries took on the Alpentour Trohpy on Thursday in the Schladming region. Almost 200 kilometres and 8800m of elevation was on the menu on the four days – like riding straight up Mt Everest. Hot summer days meant a lot of exhausted faces at the finish after the first three stages, however, the last one turned out even more extreme. During the individual time trial onto the Planai mountain, the infamous ski slope of the World Championships in 2013, gale-force winds and rain lashed towards the racers. The last day also meant a huge shake-up in the general classification: the overall leader Daniel Geismayr (AUT) was bereaved of his victory dreams already on the first few kilometres because of a broken bike chain, last year’s defending champion Leonardo Paez (COL) wasn’t at the start because of injuries sustained during crashes on earlier stages. This provided for a dramatic turn of events: The Austrian Alban Lakata already imagined himself on top of the podium, however, was beaten by Tony Longo (ITA) by only one second. In the elite women’s field the result was much more predictable: Sally Bigham didn’t get today’s stage win – it was claimed by the Brasilian rider Isabella Moreira Lacerda) – but the British racer still celebrated her third overall win.

Tony Longo (It/2. last stage/1. overall): "This is sports, this time I had luck on my side. I didn’t feel that well today, my legs felt really heavy. I struggled on track, because I’m relatively light and had to fight the strong winds constantly. Even without a stage win this year, I think I deserve the overall victory. Last year I missed it so narrowly and I was second. Now I’m looking forward to a few days off and then preparations start for the World Championships.”

Alban Lakata (Ö/3./2.): "To loose the overall win by one second after four days is really bitter. Of course I could start analysing to try and find that second and I can immediately think of a few spots on track, where I could have lost it. But what for? Generally, I started a bit fatigued, but improved while riding. I’m upset for Daniel Geismayr – that’s not how I planned to win the duel among us Austrians.“

Roel Paulissen (Bel/Overall 3rd): "The rain really impacted the race track a lot – I struggled quite a bit. A third place overall is okay, even though I had higher hopes of the time trial today.”

Jonathan Schottler (USA/Overall: 63): "I struggled every day, that broken saddle was really bad luck as well. Now I’m happy that it’s all done and dusted, my legs are really tired.”

Sally Bigham (Gb/2. last stage/1. Overall): "It’s very special for me to win the Alpentour for the third time and to be the record holder. After the three stage wins I was very tired this morning, now I’m glad that I’ll get a few days rest, before I start the preparations for the World Champs.”

Kate Fluker (Nzl/Etappendritte/Gesamtzweite): "I’m really surprised who well it went. I’m happy that I raced at this awesome even, even though it was very hard. But I’ll be able to tell everyone about it in my home country, New Zealand. Quietly, I have my eyes on the Crocodile Trophy in October as well.”

Isabella Moreira Lacerda (Bra/stage winner/Overall 9th): "I was actually really tired before today’s stage, on top of it that cool weather. As a South American I much prefer the heat. That’s why I’m even more thrilled that I was able to take out a stage win right away at my first Alpentour Trophy! For me the world ranking points are pure gold, because I want to qualify for the Olympic cross-country and we only have one spot.”

1, 2, 3 home win for Austrians in stage 3 of the Alpentour Trophy UCI Mountain bike race!

Stage 3, Ramsau Dachstein // 69 km, 2800m

Start and finish in Schladming – and in between was the king stage on today’s Alpentour Trophy with 2800m of elevation and 69km. The highlight was the climb onto the Türlwand Hut on 1690m with glorious views of the Dachstein mountain and the ride across the deck of the garden restaurant, past tourists and back to the cross-country trails. For the Austrian aces obviously the perfect stage: today’s winner Alban Lakata & Co. didn’t only bring home a triple podium, but also claimed the leader jersey for their home country from Hector Leonardo Paez Leon from Columbia. For the last stage, the 25-year old Daniel Geismayr, who came in third behind Lakata and Hermann Pernsteiner today, will wear it for tomorrow’s time trial. Many favourites, including Roel Paulissen (BEL) or Urs Huber (CH) were on the brink of despair at the finish…

Alban Lakata (Ö/1.): „I knew that I have good odds today, because it wasn’t that hot. The Russian Medvedev kept the pace really high until the first split timing, that’s why we were there a good ten minutes quicker than last year. My gap overall is not that big anymore and I still have good legs for Sunday.”

Hermann Pernsteiner (Ö/2.): „I lost a good minute right at the beginning, but my legs came good, I fought back and was even able to attack. A great day, let’s see what Sunday has in store for me.”

Daniel Geismayr (Ö/3.): „I rode on the gas all day and reached my limit, that’s why I’m really happy that I still came into the finish in third and that I could take over the race lead. Of course the goal is the overall victory now, however, the fight against the clock will be a tough one.”

Roel Paulissen (Bel/4.): „This stage always hurts. I had been in the lead group all day, however, in one of the descents my real wheel broke. Considering that, I didn’t finish that far behind. Generally it was a tough day for me today, there wasn’t a chance to recover at all.”

Tony Longo (It/5.): „This was a brutal stage, however, at this event you have to ride full throttle every day anyway to stay on top. On the first climb I was in the lead group and then all I could do was defend my overall position. Now I’m in fourth, the cards are still on the table.”

Urs Huber (Sz/14.): "Today was not my day. I don’t event want to comment on it further.”

Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Col/24.): "I came here to win. Now I’m just sad about how it all turned out and after all those crashes I need to make a decision together with my team manager and the medical staff, if I can still race on Sunday.”

Markus Bauer (D/28.): "Unfortunately this rotten Friday-stage can’t be fixed anymore. I really like today’s route, even though it was almost a bit too steep in places. However, I have to congratulate the Austrians, a triple victory is not an easy thing to do.”

Alexey Medvedev (Rus/32.): "I just started my race to quickly. I was on top of the first climb in first, but in hindsight that doesn’t really count.”

Eliad Daniel (Isr/70.): "This is my first Alpentour, just incredible. I really want to thank the organisers that they put together such a great and diverse racing circuit. I’ll be back next year, for sure. For Sunday I hope that I’ll do well.”

Jonathan Schottler (US): "Temperature-wise I thought I’d do well initiatlly, however, my bike didn’t play ball, unfortunately. My saddle broke during a crash and I had to ride standing up for an hour. However, I reached the finish, that’s all that counts, doesn’t it?”

Cory Wallace (Can/60): „This is my third Alpentour Trophy and it’s always a highlight for me. I’m on a European Tour and actually just bouncing back from injury. This is the deepest field of racers I’ve ever seen, honestly, it’s like being at a World Cup. I enjoy the European racing atmosphere. I’ll head home to Canada next and my big goal is to defend my National Marathon title in September.”

Sally Bigham (Gb/1.): "I was hotter and more humid than on Friday, but I felt pretty good and raced a solid pace. But I’m don’t feel safe about my overall victory just yet; tomorrow is a time trial after all – anything can happen.”

Kate Fluker (Nzl/2.): "I did my best, but had problems getting enough air again and again. But I’m still content that I got across the line in second.”

Githa Michiels (Bel/3.): "I felt much better than on the last two days.“

Peta Mullens (Aus/4.): "Today I thought these climbs would never end. I didn’t even have the strength to enjoy the beautiful views that everyone has been talking about.”

Stage 2 - Paez still defends his Alpentour Trophy lead at the end of stage 2 but luck not going his way

He broke his finger on yesterday’s first stage, suffered a deep cut under his eye and arrived at the finish with a bloody knee. Even his own team admitted that they assumed that yesterday’s stage winner Leonardo Paez would retire from the race. However, the Columbian racer proofed today that he is a tough cookie. He took on the second stage onto the Hauser Kaibling mountain and defended his overall race lead against today’s stage winner Roel Paulissen (BEL) by 16 seconds. Overall Paulissen is now in third, right behind Tony Longo, the overall second. But still, a bit of bad luck was still in his way: once again Paez rode across the line with blood streaming down his legs. Tied up around is rear cassette and chain was some security tape, which was a nasty handicap on the final descent.

“Everyday heroes” Considering other riders’ fate, Paez still was one of the lucky racers. The Dutch rider Mathijs Wansink, for instance, crashed so severely that he was unconscious and swallowed his tongue even. Thanks to the quick reaction by two fellow Dutch riders, Saksia Dhont and Stan Coppens a real tragedy was averted and last night organisers had word from Wansink’s hospital bed that he was on the way to recovery. Alpentour Trophy organiser Gerhard Schönbacher thanked the two riders personally and invited them to next year’s event. Asked to comment about the tragic moments, Saskia wasn’t able to answer, too many emotions were still raw in her mind. Just “everyday heroes”, who don’t need a spot in the limelight.

In the Elite Women’s category yesterday’s result was repeated: Sally Bigham (GBR) won again ahead of the Austrian Christina Kollmann and now holds an 8:01 minute lead overall. The New Zealand racer Kate Fluker was again third ahead of the Australian National Road Champion Peta Mullens and the Belgian Githa Michiels.

The men

Roel Paulissen (Bel/1.): „Paez and Longo pushed really hard right from the start, then I was able to catch up to them. From last year I knew how important it was to be the first to enter the last descent after the asphalt road. I just managed to overtake the Greek Periklis. I’m very happy with this victory, of course, but there are still two hard days ahead that will decide a lot still.”

Periklis Ilias (Gr./2.): „I had a really rough start and then had to chase hard to keep up. But I was surprised that I was first on top of the mountain. So now I’m all the more disappointed that I wasn’t able to take that 20 second lead all the way to the finish.”

Daniel Geismayr (Ö/3.): „On the climb I was way behind at some point, but suddenly right back in the group. A great stage and an fantastic result for me.”

Urs Huber (Sz/4.): „A fast start, a fast race! At some point I was able to break away even and had a good minute lead. But unfortunately that wasn’t enough, even though the heat wasn’t the problem.”

Alban Lakata (Ö/7.): „I definitely didn’t have my best day, my tire choice wasn’t ideal either, I think I was too careful with it. The strong performance by Daniel Geismayr is no surprise for me, I know his potential.”

Samuel Gaze (Nzl/32.): „I rode on my limit all day, but it wasn’t enough.“

Ben Oliver (Nzl/35.): „I didn’t think that my performance was that bad, but how these top guys race down these descents is unbelievable for me.”

Markus Bauer (D/42.): „Honestly, I’m really fed up with it all. Early on I rode well among the top 20, but then I had a flat tire. I fixed that one and four kilometres ahead of the finish I had another one and I rolled home on my bare wheels. For me, Paulissen is a favourite not only here but also for the World Championships in Italy in two weeks.”

Jonathan Schottler (US/50.): „At least I felt better than yesterday, but the heat was brutal. Also, because there are such long climbs on the first two days. And on Saturday we have the Dachstein on the menu, that’s another 2800 m of elevation.”

The women

Sally Bigham (Gb/1.): “I didn’t have to go to my limits entirely today, I had a really good race. I coped well with the heat and hope that I can defend my lead over the next two days.”

Christina Kollmann (Ö/2.): „For me it was too hot today, I struggled and was riding on the limit. The climb onto the Hauser Kaibling was extremely tough and that’s where Sally rode away from me. She’s unbeatable at the moment.”

Kate Fluker (Nzl/3.): „Third place again – I like it! I really enjoy climbing, that’s why I’m already looking forward to the time trial on Sunday, I haven’t done one before.”

Peta Mullens (Aus/4.): „Unreal how short this stage was today – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the last descent coming up! I had a great day, I loved today’s stage. I rode with Kate [Fluker] in the beginning. It’s her first stage race and we had a bit of a chat about it all. But tomorrow is going to be tough again, I reckon.”

Stage 1 - 360 elite mountain bikers from 32 countries start the Alpen Tour Trophy one of world’s top MTB events

Almost 360 of the worlds top riders from 32 countries started the first of four stages of Alpen Tour Trophy International Cycling Union (UCI) mountain bike (MTB) stage race. It started in Schladming, Austria today 11 June 2015 and includeded 16 national and three world mountain bike champions for one of world’s top MTB events.

This first stage is one of the toughest as riders have to tackle 2,900m of elevation, the higest point is 2,000m, spread over 59 km. The Alpen Tour Trophy offers UCI points, top prize money, tough climbs, fun single tracks and numerous steep downhill descents. This all takes place in the dramatic scenery of south-eastern Austria’s ski slopes at the foot of the majestic Dachstein glacier. The Alpen Tour Trophy continues until June 14th. 2015

The start of the 17th Alpentour Trophy in Schladming (AUT) was not for the faint of heart in the mountain bike scene. After a neutral start the field rolled out of town comfortably, but then 59km of tough racing awaited them. Hot summer temperatures and mud puddles proofed challenging even for the seasoned elite racers, bloody knees and grazed arms were no exceptions at the finish, but a regular sight. Last year’s overall winner and one of the favourites Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (COL) took out today’s stage victory, however, arrived battered and bruised at the Planai Stadium.

Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Col./1.): The Columbian was barely responsive after today’s stage, a crew member had to take over for him, “Leonardo had a severe crash today and sustained a deep cut under his eye. Also his hand is very bruised, we don’t know yet if he has broken anything. I don’t even want to mention his bloody knee.”

Roel Paulissen (Bel./3.): „On some parts of the track I was stuck in half a meter of mud, plus on the highest point we had snow and I felt like in a fridge. However, because of the heat I had to drink a lot – at least four bottles today. And they say, that Friday will be an even hotter day.”

Alban Lakata (Ö/4.): „Leonardo had an incredible pace on the climbs, he took out a good three minutes to the lead group over 600m of elevation. On the descent into the valley we were able to catch up, but couldn’t take the lead away from him entirely.”

Rourke Croeser (RSA/6.): „Today’s head was a blessing for me, I really enjoyed it. The scenery is absolutely stunning and I didn’t think that the climbs would be that brutal. But I’m content with my position.”

Urs Huber (Sz/16.): „I suffered quite a bit and also crashed. On the highest point, the Giglach Lakes, it was really tough.”

Markus Bauer (D/20.): „It was quite challenging and risky throughout the day. Like many other riders I underestimated the spiky rocks and the steep descents. I’m at the Alpentour for the first time and to be honest I expected more gravel roads. I was unlucky also, because I lost a drinking bottle and suffered from dehydration a bit.”

Jonathan Schottler (US/54.): „I had a rough time for the first 45 minutes and the race track up to the Giglach Lakes was just insane. But honestly, the stage was really beautiful, but equally demanding.”

Sally Bigham (Gbr/1.): „I didn’t really know what to expect, I really like racing in Austria generally. But the climbs were really tough and the entire stage pushed me to my limits. I’m at the end of a tough training regime and I’m glad that my legs responded well today. For now I’m ahead and I’ll defend my lead.”

Christina Kollmann (Ö/2.): „It was very rough, this stage had everything. For me this is the ideal preparation for the World Champs in two weeks. I’m born in Schladming, which is why the Alpentour is really close to my heart. And this first stage with a second place went well for me already.”

Kate Fluker (Nzl/3.): „The trails here are very similar to the ones in my home country, New Zealand, maybe even a bit steeper. My goal is to keep my position, even though I was surprised that I got third today. I didn’t think that I raced that well early on.”

Peta Mullens (Aus/4.): „Yesterday I woke up at 10am in Switzerland and was supposed to do a road race in Great Britain. However, my boyfriend and I checked what other races are on in the area and that’s how we decided to come here to the Alpentour. I started very conservatively today, was about 10th in the beginning. That was when my boyfriend Jarrod [Moroni] overtook me, he’s racing in the Elite Master category. From then onwards I picked up my pace and was able to catch many of my competitors and also Jarrod, whom I beat to the finish in the end.”

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